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International Recovery Services is not a debt collection agency




Our professional skip tracing company has a proven track record tracing for some of North America's largest legal and financial institutions as well as other NARCA member firms.  You can be assured of our individual attention to each account.

What Makes Us Different


We offer stellar customer service, the fastest turnaround times and the lowest rates in the industry.   All with a "no hit - no fee" guarantee.





About our Firm

What We Offer


With access to the most current databases with information on over 50 million full-time POEs, International Recovery Services is in a position to provide up to date information on each individual account.


Our experienced skip tracing staff perform with the highest level of care and attention to detail.


If you don’t want to waste your valuable search dollars on stale, dated information from search engines and verification services, information that you have to pay for whether it’s good or not, you will be pleased to hear that we work all accounts personally


All locates are verified and guaranteed for current information. 


Our searches are no hit – no fee”.


All information collection conforms with the GLB Act. 


International Recovery Services is committed to ensuring the security of digital information and standards and policies are in effect to meet the requirements of regulations and laws.















      International Recovery Services is NOT a debt collection agency

If you are receiving phone calls from a company called International Recovery Services, LLC, requesting repayment of a debt, please do not contact this office. 

We are in no way associated with that phone number or that company.

We apologize to our regular clients for any inconvenience or confusion.